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New Year, New “Captain” for European Shipowners

ECSA President, Philippos Philis

The new year rises with fair winds for Cyprus Shipping, as it marks the assumption of duties of the first Cypriot President at the helm of the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA), which is the representative body of national shipowners’ associations within the European Union.

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber’s Immediate Past President/Board Member and Chairman and CEO of Lemissoler Navigation Co. Ltd., Mr. Philippos Philis, received the full support of the Association’s Board of Directors during ECSA’s Board Meeting in December 2021 and was officially appointed President of ECSA, following his two-year very active service as Vice-President of ECSA on 1 January 2022.

Mr. Philis appointment is considered the highlight achievement of a very challenging 2021 for Cyprus Shipping and proves the important recognition Cyprus enjoys by the European Shipowners community. It also provides a significant opportunity for Cyprus to participate even more actively in shaping European shipowners’ policy and addressing the global challenges and competition, whilst promoting Cyprus Shipping worldwide.

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber expressed its commitment towards the new ECSA Presidency and its strong intention to continue its very active involvement in ECSA, representing the Cyprus Shipping Industry, as part of the Cyprus delegation, for an even brighter future for Cyprus and European Shipping.

“The beginning of the new ECSA Presidency comes at a very challenging time as the global economy is sailing through the uncharted waters of the COVID pandemic. In parallel, the shipping sector has to address environmental challenges such as the climate crisis and actively contribute to a new regulatory regime. We shall, at the same time, work towards achieving stable access to ship financing, EU’s free trade agenda, digitalisation, maritime safety. It is essential that new regulations become an opportunity to enhance and not to undermine the competitiveness of our industry. This is why we need a strong voice of ECSA in Brussels” said the new ECSA President, Philippos Philis.

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