Home Digitalisation GTDeploy – simple maritime deployment saving you time and money

GTDeploy – simple maritime deployment saving you time and money

Maritime Deployment Made Simple

Version 2 Now Available

GTDeploy installs, uninstalls and updates programs in the background requiring no user interaction, using the FastNet platform for transferring programs with granular bandwidth control, throttling, prioritisation and optimisation.

GTDeploy v2 is now available to install, including enchanced features and updated user interface to further align with customer needs.

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Remote deployment with no user interaction

Dependency resolution and large file support

Simple and easy to use

Fleetwide management  via the FastNet dashboard to install, uninstall and update programs.

If a program requires additional libraries they will be automatically fetched and installed for you. Allows for  optimisation, granular bandwidth control,  priorisation and throttling.

Programs can be updated automatically when a newer version becomes available. Software can be deployed to a vessel via intuitive drag and drop interface.

Compliance Maintenance

  • Provides the ability to automatically update GTMaritime software
  • Free of charge solution for all vessels using GTMaritime solutions
  • Ensure your GTMaritime software is guideline compliant