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Postponement of the Cyprus Maritime Conference for 2022

Despite the significant improvement of the health data, the Organising Committee of the Conference “Shipping Cyprus” which consists of representatives of the Ministry of Shipping, the Cyprus Maritime Chamber and the Cyprus Shipowners’ Association decided to reschedule the Conference.

Specifically, the Organising Committee taking into account:

(a) the long-term objectives of the Conference which are, inter alia, the meeting and networking of the global shipping community, which presupposes a physical presence

(b) the global character of the Conference, which traditionally attracts speakers and delegates from all over the world

(c) the significantly reduced capacity of the Conference and Exhibition space due to the observance of the distancing measures set out in the sanitary protocols for conferences and events indoors, as deemed appropriate as the Conference scheduled for 10-13 October 2021 October 12, 2022, thus preserving the quality character and the whole philosophy of the Conference.

The new date has already been announced to the representatives of the global shipping industry and the Conference will be included in the international shipping calendar of 2022.