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Support grows for Seafarers to be prioritised in National Vaccination Programme

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber noted with satisfaction the joint statement signed by the heads of five United Nation bodies, on 25 March 2021, which calls on all Governments to prioritize Seafarers in their national COVID-19 vaccination programmes, together with other essential workers, saying that their safe movement is essential to critical goods movement and travel on which the global economy depends for recovery.

The Shipping Industry kept supply chains open and maritime trade moving during the pandemic. Seafarers and maritime personnel ashore played a key role in the undisrupted delivery of shipments to countries in times of need. Considering that they are the essential workers who will deliver among other goods, some of the vaccines or storage for the preservation of the vaccines, we need to ensure their safety by including seafarers and other travelling essential maritime personnel in the early vaccinations of the Cyprus COVID-19 Vaccination Programme, in order to continue their work.

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber urges the Cyprus Government to proceed with the earliest vaccinations of Cypriot resident seafarers and cadets, shipping companies’ superintendents and key personnel in the Cyprus ports, to safeguard the Shipping Industry’s contribution to the Cyprus Economy and Society.

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