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Total launches the construction of its 4th solar power plant

Total announces the construction start-up of its 4th solar power plant in Japan, Tsu Haze, a 51-megawatt (MW) power plant located in Tsu City, Mie prefecture. The installations are scheduled to come on stream in 2023 and will provide clean and reliable electricity to meet the needs of nearly 20,000 households.

“The launch of the construction of the Tsu Haze solar power plant, with our partner Suzuka Group, marks a new milestone in the deployment of our renewable energy activities in Japan. With more than 150 MW of cumulative capacity in operation and under construction, we are proud to contribute to the country’s energy transition.” said Julien Pouget, Senior Vice- President Renewables at Total.

This development will involve the installation of more than 100,000 photovoltaics (PV) fixed-tilt modules on 76 hectares of land and a 16-km evacuation line. Investment in the plant is conducted through a partnership between Total, as the majority investor, and Suzuka Group, an historical developer and an established electrical construction and PV business development company in the region.

The launch of the construction of Tsu Haze Power Plant follows the launch of the construction of Miyagi Osato solar farm (52 MW) in 2019 and the commissioning of the Miyako (25 MW, 2019) and Nanao (27 MW, 2017) solar farms.

Total, renewables and electricity

As part of its ambition to get to net zero by 2050, Total is building a portfolio of activities in renewables and electricity that should account for up to 40 % of its sales by 2050. At the end of 2020, Total’s gross power generation capacity worldwide was around 12 GW, including 7 GW of renewable energy. Total will continue to expand this business to reach 100 GW of gross production capacity from renewable sources by 2030 with the objective of being among the world’s top 5 in renewable energies.