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MOL Enhances Function of AR Navigation System to support Vessel Navigation

—Enhancement Helps Navigators Avoid Dangerous Shallow Areas—

MOL announced an upgrade to the AR navigation system, jointly developed with Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. (President: Yukio Furuno; Headquarters: Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo Prefecture), that enables the system to automatically display borders between deep-sea areas where vessels can navigate safely and shallower areas that may pose risks.

The previous system required manual setting to display shallow areas, but this upgrade allows for automatic full-time display of the Safety Contour in red, yellow, or orange (users can set the arbitrary color that they can easily scent the risk), supporting the navigators’ situation awareness visually.

The AR navigation system has already been installed on 24 MOL-operated very large crude carriers (VLCCs). MOL plans to expand the installation of the system to more vessels in the future, and is proceeding with trials on ships in its energy transport fleet including LNG carriers, as well as dry bulkers.

MOL continually positions safety as a top priority, and takes a proactive stance in development and improvement of products, including this AR navigation system, which contributes to the safety of marine traffic, with the aim of earning customers’ continued trust and becoming their first choice for shipping and logistics services.

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