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Efficient vessel guidance thanks to Vessel Traffic Services

New service at the port of Antwerp

On Monday March 1st, Port of Antwerp will be launching a new shipping guidance system. The new service, called Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), is responsible for safe and smooth vessel traffic at the port. Traffic on the Scheldt and at the Antwerp docks is becoming increasingly busy and Port of Antwerp is aiming to deal with this effectively. The new service will ensure more efficient guidance of shipping traffic. In addition, VTS also guarantees an increase in safety and environmental protection at the port.

Smooth traffic

VTS provides information and advice on both ship navigation and weather conditions, calamities and other potential risks. The new VTS operators and traffic controllers are responsible for the safe and efficient organisation of shipping traffic behind the locks. The analysis and communication of this information allows for a smoother throughput of seagoing vessels and inland navigation craft.

On the Left and Right Bank

The port will be monitored through three sectors. The Right Bank is divided into 2 sectors, Polder and City, while the Left Bank becomes the Waasland sector. These sectors each have their own VHF channel for communicating with traffic participants. With the start-up of the new vessel traffic control system, vessel traffic will be monitored by a VTS operator. The start-up of the service will take place in several phases. On March 1, VTS will begin with the Waasland sector at the docks on the Left Bank. The service is operational from Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm. As of 3 April, the service will operate 24/7. In the autumn, the phased roll-out on the Right Bank will begin in the Polder sector and the City sector.

Overview of the new VTS sectors in the port of Antwerp

Overview of the new VTS sectors in the port of Antwerp