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Safety at Sea Webinar for Pleasure and Mega Yachts by CYMEPA and HELMEPA

CYMEPA in co-operation with HELMEPA and the LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A invite you to participate in a live streaming 1day “Safety First” webinar for yachts for pleasure and Mega-yachts, on Thursday, 4 March 2021, 10.00 – 13.30 EET.

The webinar is a continuation of the 3year project (2019-2021) “Enhancing the Understanding of New and Enduring Challenges in Maritime Safety Culture in the Eastern Mediterranean” This project is supported by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and implemented by HELMEPA  in collaboration with Hellenic Llloyd’s and DYNAMARINe in Greece and CYMEPA in Cyprus.

The topics and the timetable of the webinar are contained in the attached file. The webinar, which is free of charge, will be delivered in Greek using the Zoom app and participants attending will receive an electronic certificate of attendance.

We kindly ask you to send the details of the persons who are interested to attend (name and surname, rank/specialty and personal e-mail address) to CYMEPA ([email protected]). Participants will receive by e-mail the instructions for their attendance and the link for their registration 2 working days before the start of the webinar.

Awaiting your participations, we remain at your disposal for further clarifications!

Yours truly

Michael Ierides

General Secretary