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3 Years since the establishment of the Shipping Deputy Ministry

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber, as the trade association of the Shipping Industry in Cyprus, welcomes the successful completion of three years since the establishment of the Shipping Deputy Ministry, on 1 March 2018.

The Shipping Chamber notes with satisfaction, that during the past three years, the Shipping Deputy Ministry has laid a solid foundation and has made significant progress in implementing a comprehensive “National Shipping Strategy”, in cooperation with the Shipping Industry and with the implementation of new supportive actions and flexible mechanisms, upgrading the image of Cyprus as a modern, quality and sustainable maritime centre.

The priority given to its establishment by the Government, as the first Deputy Ministry in Cyprus, confirmed once again that Cyprus Shipping is an extremely important pillar for Cyprus, with a significant contribution of 7% to the GDP of the country. It is expected from the Maritime Administration but also from the State, further support to the Shipping sector and targeted actions, especially now that the Industry is facing the economic consequences of the pandemic, in order to be able to utilize its potentials, which will have a direct and significant benefit to Cyprus economy.

Taking this opportunity, the Shipping Chamber expresses its willingness to an even closer cooperation with the Shipping Deputy Ministry, for the further growth and sustainability of Cyprus Shipping.