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Sovcomflot joins the Neptune Declaration

SCF Group signed the Neptune Declaration on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change, which ensures the enforcement of labour rights and supports global supply chains in the face of the restrictions imposed worldwide due to the СOVID-19 pandemic.

The document is an initiative of the Global Maritime Forum and has been signed by more than 450 major companies in the shipping, oil and gas, and other industries. The companies that signed the document commit to taking action to resolve the crew change crisis as soon as possible, involving their partners and government authorities in the process.

“The lack of timely crew changes leads to the violation of the seafarers’ labour rights and creates significant safety risks due to the stress and fatigue of crew members after extended periods at sea, leading to decreased concentration and motivation. Sovcomflot seafarers must be sure that their employer, together with its partners and clients, is doing everything necessary to ensure that the crews return home on time. During 2020, Sovcomflot took all possible measures to ensure that crew changes complied with all the existing international and Russian regulations, as well as the requirements of relevant authorities, while countering the spread of coronavirus. This year, we will continue to work in this direction,” said Sergey Popravko, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of PAO Sovcomflot.