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Cyprus participated at the Ministerial Conference of the Union of the Mediterranean on Sustainable Blue Economy.

A Ministerial Declaration was adopted with Cyprus expressing its determination to support a collaborative approach to progress maritime sustainability in the Med region!

The Shipping Deputy Minister, Vassilis Demetriades, represented Cyprus today at the Ministerial Conference of the Union for the Mediterranean on the Sustainable Blue Economy, during which a Ministerial Declaration was adopted.

The main topic of the Conference was the review of action and progress on the priorities announced under the 1st Ministerial Declaration in 2015, as well as the exchange of suggestions aimed at strengthening the blue economy between the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

During the Conference, the role that the UfM can play in strengthening the cooperation between its members, in order to achieve the 2030 goals for sustainable development in the wider Mediterranean region, but also in the promotion of regional programs, with the involvement of the private sector.

The Conference reaffirmed the political will of all participating States to promote programs and projects in the field of Blue Economy with a developmental and environmental character.

Concluding, Mr. Demetriades, adopting the Declaration, underlined the determination of Cyprus to work constructively with all the Mediterranean states in an effort to build cooperation and exchange best practices based on the sustainable development of the Blue Economy.