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OCIMF joins new PIANC Working Group and seeks your input on safe operations

OCIMF has joined the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure’s (PIANC) Maritime Navigation Commission Working Group (MarCom WG) in revising Report No. 212 Criteria for Acceptable Movement of Ships at Berths (Update of MarCom WG24).

OCIMF Marine Structures and Civil Engineering (MSCE) members regularly participate in PIANC to provide operational, inspection and maintenance expertise, especially when external guidance could potentially impact the oil and gas sector, members’ operations and OCIMF guidance.

This working group will gather existing technical information on safe and efficient limits for movements of moored ships. As part of their gathering work, they are asking terminal and ship stakeholders to complete the appropriate questionnaires on criteria for safe and efficient limits. All information will be kept strictly confidential, without any reference to the respondents, and will only be used to update WG 212. Please select the appropriate questionnaire below and send completed forms to the respective email address by 1 March 2021.

Terminal operator questionnaire /media/174588/PIANC-WG212-Questionnaire_Terminal_Operator_Port-Authority_OCIMF-RevA.docx
Ship operator questionnaire /media/174607/PIANC-WG212-Mini-Questionnaire-for-Ship-Captains_OCIMF_RevA.docx

For enquiries, contact Ricardo Martinez, OCIMF Engineering Adviser ricardo.martinez@ocimf.org.

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