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KSS LINE Contemporary, Environmental Very Large LPG Carrier Naming Ceremony

– 84,000 CBM carrier that can transit both the new/old Panama Canal

– Eco-friendly vessel utilizing devices like the scrubber

– First domestic carrier receiving 5 VLGCs

□ KSS Line, Ltd. held a naming Ceremony on the 4th, for 1(one) 84,000 CBM VLGC (Very Large Gas Carrier) launched last June 2019 in the Hyundai Heavy Industries located Ulsan.

□ Participants were limited to only a part of the company and the shipyard’s representatives to prevent COVID-19. The following ship will proceed with the LPG Long-term contract with Spain’s globally prominent energy trading company, VILMA OIL, as soon as it delivers in mid-January.

□ ‘GAS GABRIELA,’ titled this day, is the first 84,000 CBM carrier that can transit both the old Panama Canal and the new Panama Canal, highly competitive in the market for its response to the rapidly changing LPG transportation industry. Accordingly, this means that the ‘GAS GABRIELA’ has a choice in its transportation, whereas former VLGC vessels fatally concentrate on the new Panama Canal only. Furthermore, the following ship is exceptionally competitive to the few of the VLGCs that can transit both the new/old Panama Canal.

This is because these vessels are about 75,000 to 80,000 CBM, where the ‘GAS GABRIELA’ can carry approximately 5.0% more in capacity with its 84,000 CBM carrier. To add, this vessel is the best in the VLGC market, as it utilizes the scrubber and the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to reduce the release of Sulphur oxides (SOx) and Nitrogen oxides (NOx) for environmental concerns.

□ Also, KSS Line, Ltd. will be the first domestic carrier to receive a Methanol-fuel vessel from Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in 2022. The Methanol-fuel vessel utilizes the dual-fuel engine that can use both the heavy/light crude oil and methanol as its fuel. By using methanol as a fuel, the release of SOx can be decreased dramatically compared to when using the heavy crude oil, and more than 30% of NOx release is achievable for preventing pollution.

□ KSS Line, Ltd. will receive a total of 5(five) VLGCs by mid-2021. Accordingly, this makes 16(sixteen) mid large gas carriers in its assembly, aiming for modernization in the industry and a sustainable profit.

Meanwhile, the KSS Line, Ltd. ranks 5th globally in the VLGC industry, strengthening its enterprise and an ongoing progression.