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Green Lanes tool gives priority to cargo expected at the Zeebrugge terminals

To support the circulation of traffic and cargo in the port of Zeebrugge after Brexit, specifically in the case of congestion, RX/SeaPort has developed a new tool. The Green Lanes application will give priority to cargo (both UK and non UK) that is expected at the terminals in Zeebrugge and was registered by the cargo operator and haulier. Earlier, RX/SeaPort had already presented the ‘green light check’, designed for UK-cargo that meets the necessary formal requirements for shipping between the EU and the UK. With the Green Lanes application, RX/SeaPort now offers an easily accessible tool for all cargo to the port of Zeebrugge.

GREEN LIGHT CHECK: UK-cargo can be given a ‘green light’ in the RX/SeaPort platform when it has met the necessary formal requirements for import and export such as a booking with the terminal and an MRN-number. A red light is a signal that the cargo will not be accepted at the terminal.

GREEN LANES: This tool is developed to aid the traffic organization and possible triaging in the hinterland and will allow the enforcement authorities to check a cargo’s status (both UK and non UK) and permit it to proceed to the Port of Zeebrugge. In case of heavy congestion in Zeebrugge, the ‘green’ traffic flows will be guaranteed access to the port while ‘red’ trucks and cargo are held back in the hinterland.

How does Green Lanes work and what do you need to do?

Every cargo operator in Zeebrugge can register to use the Green Lane application. Contact RX/SeaPort (info@rxseaport.eu ) before December 18 and define your choice:

1/ As cargo operator in Zeebrugge I give the permission to give all the cargo for my location a green lane.
2/ As UK-cargo operator in Zeebrugge I can only accept cargo thas has a ‘green light check’ (in order with all the necessary administration concerning export to the UK). I can only provide a green lane to cargo that meets this condition.
3/ I choose the real-time option: When I am aware of a unit of cargo that is on its way to my location, I will decide at that moment if I will give the cargo a green lane.
4/ I choose not to receive cargo.

The cargo operator will need the haulier/driver to complete the registration (licence plate) in the system. The RX/SeaPort platform will link this information to a green or red status. In the case of congestion and checks in the hinterland, the cargo’s status will be accessible for enforcement authorities after filling in several details such as unit number, terminal in Zeebrugge, booking (optional) and licence plate. The driver can also show the confirmed green lane status through the information on his or her phone. The website where this information will all be available, will be communicated later.

BEWARE: For UK cargo, the booking and MRN is necessary. These loads must fulfill the green light check in RX/SeaPort, because they need to meet the requirements for shipping between the EU and the UK. The Green Lanes application is designed to the benefit of both UK cargo and non UK cargo and is a tool that is accessible for anyone who needs to check if a certain unit is expected at the terminal in Zeebrugge and has the permission to come to Zeebrugge.

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