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ABS lectures on Ship Vibration to Athens students

ABS Greece was invited by Professors Lampros Kaiktsis and Christos Papadopoulos, of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), to deliver a lecture on ship vibration, entitled “Ship Vibration: What Went Wrong?”

The 2-hour seminar was given to graduate and post graduate students in the school of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, while special external guests/specialists were also invited.

Dr. Chris Leontopoulos, ABS Director of the Global Ship Systems Center, gave an overview of the principles of vibration and then went on to present five case studies, where ABS was involved in the pertinent technical investigations relating to propeller cavitation induced vibrations, frequency beating and spade rudder vibrations. During the presentation, the correlation between measurements and simulation calculations was emphasized.

“For many shipowners, the classification societies are possibly one of the best technical advisory services available. The accumulated technical experience of decades renders them uniquely qualified with relevant field experience, as well as engineering analysis,” said Dr Leontopoulos, adding: “The cases presented in this seminar are real marine cases, where ABS assisted the clients under the typical time pressures and other practical restrictions dictated by the reality of the marine environment.”

“It is of utmost importance to note the application of theory into practice and hence appreciate the business risks and the consequences onto the marine operations”, said Professor Papadopoulos of NTUA. After the presentation, there was a lively discussion with questions and answers. ABS and NTUA are cooperating on EU funded R&D projects as well as joint development projects in key areas.

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