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Participation of the Cyprus Minister of Energy Mrs. Natasa Pilides in the informal EU Energy Council

The integration of the EU energy system and the achievement of the objectives of the Europe Green Agreement

The integration of the energy system as well as its contribution to the achievement of the EU energy targets for 2030 and 2050, was the main topic of yesterday (14/12/2020) informal meeting of the EU Energy Council, which took place via video conference. The Republic of Cyprus was represented by the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry, Mrs. Natasa Pilides, who in her speech stated that Cyprus shares the basic principle for the integration of the energy system, which is the efficient, low-cost, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply of EU countries. She added that in order to achieve the EU’s ambitious goals for energy and climate, no EU Member State should be left energy isolated.
Mrs Pilides expressed the view that the process of updating EU policies should take into account the specificities of the Member States (MS), allowing each MS to formulate its strategy based on its strengths (such as abundant solar energy in the case of Cyprus), while ensuring a gradual transition to clean energy. In the case of Cyprus, she pointed out, the EU-funded project of Common Interest EuroAsia Interconnector, which provides for the electricity interconnection of Cyprus, Israel and Greece, is particularly important for the achievement of the country’s goals.
Mrs. Pilides also referred to the need for technical and financial support for MS by the EU, focusing on green growth, energy storage, the circular economy, which will allow MS to achieve their goals under the Green Agreement and thus, the EU to set an example for the rest of the world.
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