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“K” LINE to launch safety campaign 2020-2021 – “Unity for Safety”

“K” Line launched the annual safety campaign that started on December 1, 2020 which is scheduled to end in the end of January, 2021. In this campaign, we share the actual accident cases and exchange each opinion among onboard staffs and shore-based staffs, in order to keep and enhance the safe operation.

In view of the current situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic, the company set up the theme “Harmony, Team-Up and Unity” for the campaign in this year to make mutual respects and understandings among Onboard staffs, Shipowners, Ship management companies and us.

The preventive measures to bring COVID-19 onboard shall be top priority for safe operation, therefore in the safety campaign, we are going to have an open conversation amongst seafarers and shore staffs includes top managements by utilizing video conferencing/online meeting as much as possible.

In the safety campaign, we are holding online meetings, so to speak “online ship visitation”. As the first visitation, on December 1, Ship management company in Singapore (KLSM Singapore) and the “K” Line Tokyo HQ visited 7 container ships online and conducted detailed discussions about the importance of safe operation on the basis of actual accident cases in past.  It was really great opportunity for both onboard staffs and shore-based staffs to share real voices, suggestions each other, as well as to confirm our mission to each and every one towards the common goal “SAFE OPERATION”.

Safety in navigation is an immutable mission in a shipping business. We will continuously bring our powers to keep and enhance the safe operation under the theme of “Harmony, Team-up, and Unity” by utilizing our existing online tools between seafarers and shore staffs, which then highlights our slogan, “No Ship is Alone”.

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