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Sea port of Saint-Petersburg launches unified platform for data exchange with Russian Railways

On 1 December 2020, Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg JSC (SP SPb) put into test operation an information and logistics system ILSAR that will allow for establishment of a unified platform for automation of key production processes. The software is to raise the efficiency of port operations due to integration with other information systems and opportunities for more accurate organization of handling.
ILSAR covers the entire cycle of cargo traffic from the moment it is dispatched to the port to the moment of its shipment to a customer. It lets account and plan involvement of transport, storage yards, handling equipment and other facilities as well as loading/unloading, movement and storage of cargo with an obligatory generation of all accompanying documents. The system allows for a detailed analysis of the company operations.
Introduction of ILSAR will enhance the efficiency of interaction between SP SPb and Oktyabrskaya Railway while implementing logistics solutions at the intersection of the port and the railway, – says Andrey Gromovoy, Manager for the Development of Cooperation with Russian Railways. – Even today, at the initial phase of introduction, we can obtain the data we need about the approaching cargo and movement of railcars towards the port for a prompt planning of operations”.
The next step will by a comprehensive exchange of data through interaction of the two automated systems, which is necessary for the development of a shift-day schedule for both the port and the railway station as well as for planning of train availability at the Novy Port station (Saint-Petersburg).
Technological projects being implemented by Russian Railways JSC are not only aimed at solving business tasks of the railway. They also have a positive impact on the entire transport industry. To coordinate our projects and to integrate them with the projects of other companies, we need both technological preparedness and organizational maturity of the partners, – says Yevgeny Charkin, IT Director, Russian Railways JSC. – IT integration with Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg JSC will let improve the performance of all the parties involved in the transportation process”.
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