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How NORDEN has supported Conch Cement in its transition from China’s biggest cement exporter – into a major importer

“As our customers change, we change too”

“For 10 years leading up to the financial crisis we shipped a lot of cement and clinker from China to Europe and the US. It was a great backhaul business for us,” explains Judy Chen, NORDEN’s head of dry cargo, China. “But after 2008, with Europe and the US slowing down these backhaul routes slowed significantly.”

After that, the clinker began to be used domestically in China to support the still booming infrastructure growth there.

But today NORDEN is once again working with Conch Cement as it becomes one of the biggest importers of clinker into China – buying from Thailand, Vietnam and other countries in Asia.

The transition from exporter to importer is down to the still growing demand in China; coupled with new environmental regulations placed on raw materials producers by the Chinese government which puts strict limits on clinker production in China. Instead. the company has started to bring in cargo from outside.

Today, NORDEN has regular contracts with Conch Cement and the business continues to grow. “As our customers change – we change too,” says Judy. “We try our best to fulfil their demands. It is a change in trading patterns for NORDEN, but we have managed to find a win-win solution, and the new trades support our growing presence in South East Asia.”

Deputy general manager of Conch Cement Logistics company Mr. Li is looking forward to developing the relationship with NORDEN. “We cherish our more than 10 years’ relationship working with NORDEN. Thanks to their professional and flexible operations in shipping, we look forward to working together over the next 10 years too.”

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