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Join Marlink, Bureau Veritas and an expert panel to assess the state of cyber security in shipping

2020 has demonstrated once again the vulnerability of shipping to cyber-attack; from shipping lines to the industry’s regulator, cyber threats continue to disrupt operations and threaten already strained supply chains.

Has the industry done enough to address the continuing threat of cyber-disruption? Are procedures and processes well enough understood? How important is technology and will IMO regulation really make a difference?

To address these critical issues, Marlink and Bureau Veritas are hosting a webinar on November 25, focussing on the importance of effective cyber security in shipping.

To discuss the issues, we have assembled a high level panel including:
  • Colin Gillespie, Director (Loss Prevention) North Group
  • Jean Baptiste Gillet, Director of Strategy and Advanced Services, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore
  • Laurent Banitz, Ship Safety & Cyber-Security Policy Officer, French Directorate of Maritime Affairs
  • Leah Grace Del Mundo, Information Security Officer, OSM Maritime Group
  • Tor Skeie, VP Maritime IT Solutions, Marlink
To register please sign up here.

If you have any queries about the webinar please get in touch.
Neville Smith, Mariner Communications, neville.smith@marinercommunications.co.uk.
Tel: +44 (0)7909 960 182.

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