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ABS and TCOMS join forces to research next generation Marine & Offshore and Maritime Solutions

Collaboration on Intelligent Structural Health Management, Condition Monitoring, Modelling of Complex Systems, Autonomous Vessels, Marine Robotics, Sustainability, and Open Source Simulation Tools

ABS and the Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore (TCOMS) have signed a Master Research Collaboration Agreement today at the Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) Forum 2020. With this agreement, the partners aim to advance next generation solutions for the Marine & Offshore (M&O) and Maritime industries.

The landmark agreement sees ABS and TCOMS collaborate on seven areas of research: intelligent structural health management; condition monitoring of marine and offshore assets; modelling and simulation of complex systems; autonomous and remotely operated vessels as well as other smart maritime systems; marine robotics; sustainability, including decarbonisation and open-source simulation tools.

“ABS is proud to join forces with TCOMS to address some of the biggest challenges facing the marine and offshore industries today. Together we are confident we can make genuine progress in these areas and support the development of next generation solutions for the industry,” said Dr Gu Hai, ABS Vice President, Singapore Innovation and Research Center.

“TCOMS is excited to partner ABS, a world-leading classification organization, to co-create new knowledge in technologies that enhance the design, performance and sustainability of M&O and Maritime platforms and ships. The combination of ABS’ expertise in setting standards for safety and excellence with TCOMS’ research capabilities in the behavior and response of marine systems will help accelerate the industry’s journey towards future systems that are safer, more resilient and sustainable,” said Professor Chan Eng Soon, CEO of TCOMS.

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