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New shipping forum focuses on future maritime outlook

We have announced the establishment of a national Shipping Consultative Forum

This forum brings together peak bodies and industry experts to explore the future outlook and strategic drivers for the shipping industry over the coming years and how this will shape our work.

The forum was created in response to the significant and complex challenges that lay ahead for AMSA and the shipping sector more broadly, and is just one initiative aimed at effectively engaging with our stakeholders.

It will facilitate greater transparency with outcomes of meetings shared with wider industry, and the ability for people to raise matters with the forum through their industry member.

Emphasis will be on strategic priorities over the short to medium term with members providing advice to AMSA on the key drivers and strategic responses needed for AMSA to fulfil its role.

Strategic priorities on the agenda include:

  • Regulation—keeping pace with technology, social expectations and the use of data to inform change.
  • Environment—impacts of a changing climate, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and changing energy sources.
  • Shipping industries—the impact of COVID-19 and the long term recovery.
  • Technology—improved connectivity and information exchange and increased use of automation.

The partnerships and interactions we have with people across the maritime sector, is fundamental to us meeting our international and domestic obligations. While input from our stakeholders, helps to inform our program of work and contributes to the rigour of our policies and planning.

The first meeting was held on Thursday 15 October 2020.

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