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Careers at sea matter

We’ve said it before: we have stories to tell.

But why is that important? Why does it matter? Careers matters and here’s 3 reasons why

It’s OUR future.

Speaking to people about their future career options can help to shape yours. It becomes ‘ours’, together, collaboratively. People passionate about their industry want to see it continue to develop and grow. In order to achieve this, we need to take a stand and lead others into discovering their own passion for it.

People passionate about any industry know its roots, its journey, its challenges. They will hold onto what’s important, but are also not afraid to explore how it could change. What that looks like depends on how and where these people start, what caught them in the first place and who was there to encourage them.

This is our challenge. Reaching people who can catch that passion for the sea, anchor themselves in its roots and be part of a wider team that can shape the future of the maritime industry, whether that’s onboard ship or beyond.

Our industry needs the big dreamers, creators and innovative thinkers. Time and time again, we see young professionals stepping out with new ideas and projects to take maritime in a new direction, for the better of the industry.

Passion feeds this. A desire to see the industry grow and adapt, reflect worldwide industry developments and lead the way in new directions.

You know, y’know?

How can they know if you don’t tell them?

The main driver in our Careers at Sea campaigns come from people who know – our Ambassadors. They give fantastic first-hand advice and knowledge of what it’s like working at sea. What about you or the people you work with? Do they know? Hear what they have to say, and you’ll see what I mean. Hearing someone talk about their own experiences gives people an opportunity to imagine themselves doing the same thing. Paint a picture…or bring actual pictures, if you have them (check out our Instagram for examples).

Don’t underestimate the power of your story and experience. They won’t know if you don’t tell them!

Careers at Sea can provide the background collateral and admin; you bring the exciting stuff with your career stories at sea.

“I can’t, but my company might?” If there’s a few potential volunteers in your organisation, you can sign up together and reach the people local to you. Find out more here

Does your career matter?

Help them take the right path

There are people out there who don’t know about working at sea and we want to change that. The options are open to everyone, so help us to do just that – open it up to everyone!

What are we doing about it?

Through the UK Chamber of Shipping’s webinar platform, we are running a free webinar for careers advisers to speak to them about careers on board ship. This is one of the activities we are doing this year in partnership with National Careers Week. To coincide with Maritime UK Week, Rachel Gurnett from the MNTB looks at how we can reach out to more people and sell careers at sea. The MNTB will be running a careers fair on 22 October. Please feel free to share with anyone you think would be interested. Link is here:

There are plenty more activities coming up which you can be part of.

So why not help someone write their story. Help us promote our wonderful industry and be part of the Careers at Sea campaigns. Find out how on this ‘get involved’ document and contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Source: UK Chamber of Shipping

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