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MOL President & CEO Delivers Message at New Employee Entrance Ceremony

~ Aiming to Keep Safe, Reliable Transport Services ~

MOL announced that the company welcomed 17 new employees (10 new graduates at sea, three career recruits on land, and four recruits in limited CD class).

As the Entrance ceremony held in April, the participants were divided into separated rooms connected by audio and video monitors, to ensure social distancing for preventing the spread of COVID-19 infection.

President & CEO Ikeda delivered the following message at the initiation ceremony:

“Everyone, congratulations on joining our company. We are all delighted that you will be working with us. I hope you will find working at MOL to be enjoyable and rewarding. Today’s ceremony reflects the changing environment facing the world and unfortunately, we could not hold the initiation ceremony in person due to the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

“There are three main points I want to share with you today. First, the need to foster safety awareness. The Wakashio case is a serious incident, which has had a major social impact, and I am sure, caused anxiety for you. MOL is dealing with the incident directly and sincerely as the charterer, and we have announced various initiatives for Mauritius from the standpoints of social contributions and environmental conservation. Our approach has earned the appreciation of customers, whose comments included ‘You have made a bold decision.’

“Please keep up the great work as a proud MOL member. Triggered by this incident, we will further reinforce our culture of safety. And we will make safe operation our social commitment and our top priority as we aim to ‘forge ahead to become the world leader in safe operation.’ Please do your best to promote not only onboard safety, but also a safety culture that unites those on shore and at sea, while protecting yourself and people around you.

“Second, we established “MOL CHART” (Note 1) to express the sense of values that MOL Group employees pass on from generation to generation. MOL CHART defines the people who will play key roles in MOL’s future. Please think seriously about MOL CHART as your career progresses, and find the meaning for yourself.

“Finally, our business environment has changed significantly due to the spread of COVID-19, and restrictions on movement and travel continue. But do not forget—energy, commodities, and everyday products are indispensable as long as people’s social and economic activities continue. The ocean shipping industry is a vital link in supplying these essentials, and crewmembers at sea and those supporting them on land bear a great responsibility in making sure that people all over the world can survive, thrive, and enjoy their lives. Let’s all gain a new appreciation of this and do our best together.”

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