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ABS & SASIC Joint Seminar on New Energy

ABS and Shanghai Association of Shipping Industry (SASIC) hosted a joint seminar on new energy. ABS East Hemisphere Survey Operations Senior Vice President Eric Kleess, ABS Greater China Region Operations Vice President Paul Karam, and SASIC President Wang Qi attended the meeting and delivered the speech.

“International shipping is facing critical challenge of sustainability in response to global regulations for pollution prevention and protection of the aquatic environment. The present pathways towards the 2030 targets and beyond include operational measures, new technologies for energy efficiency improvement, and alternative fuels. This is why we gather together with SASIC and senior members of the industry, to exchange insights on new energy,” said Paul Karam.

“ABS has foresight in new energy research. SASIC plays an important role in Shipbuilding and shipping industry in China and even in the world,” Wang Qi emphasized. “The cooperation between SASIC and ABS provide an open platform for industry to discuss insights on the development and application of new marine fuel which we believe will bring the positive example and leading efficiency.”

During the seminar, China Institute of Marine Technology & Economy Vice President Bao Zhang-Jing, ABS Global Gas Solutions Vice President Patrick Janssens, ABS Senior Principle Surveyor GH Lee, and ABS Sustainability Center Senior Engineering Zhang Ai-Nian gave speeches on The Development Trend of New Energy-powered Ships, Dual Fuel – Design and Operational Considerations, Type C Tank Fabrication, Pathway to Sustainability.

Eric Kleess closed the meeting with the outlook of the global energy landscape and pointed out that new and emerging emissions regulations will drive significant changes to the current global energy landscape.

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