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LQM announce ‘Women in Bunkers’ webinar

The bunker industry is widely considered to be male dominated.

Does this make it less appealing to women and what could be done to improve gender equality ratios?

On October 15 at 2pm London time, LQM is teaming up with senior female industry figures to speak about their success and perceptions of bunkering as a career path for women.

Our expert panel includes Unni Einemo of The International Bunker Industry Association, Yvonne Rittfeldt of Stena Bulk, Jenna Coles (FREC) of Advanced Resource Managers and Sara Brady, Team Leader at LQM.

The webinar will focus on:

·      A look at the statistics and gender quality ratios across the bunker industry 

·      What are the barriers for women entering the industry at the moment? 

·      What does the appetite look like for female applicants in bunkering roles? 

·      What can be done to attract more women into the bunker industry? 

It’s such an important topic and LQM are keen to continue to pave the way for change in the industry,” said Sara Brady, LQM Team Leader.

You need diversity in any successful organisation and I’m delighted LQM are tackling the topic head on.”

You can sign up for the webinar here.

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