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Care Community Services Society starts initiative to support 100 local families with funding from Trafigura

Care Community Services Society (CCSS) is collaborating on an ongoing initiative funded by commodity trading firm Trafigura to empower vulnerable local family groups affected by COVID-19.

The renamed initiative, Project Trafigura Liven 2020 – Lives Inspired, inVigorated, Enhanced and Nourished – is a customised case management service led by CCSS.  It will help equip vulnerable families with skills to improve adult employment opportunities and with skilled support to strengthen family ties and relationships within the community through a combination of workshops, family bonding sessions and home visits, as well as temporary financial assistance.

The initial project funding from Trafigura Singapore will support around 100 local families for up to twelve months.  Target groups have been identified and referred by grassroots organizations and school-based Student Care Centres. The first group are families dealing with the impact of COVID-19 and chronically resource poor and the second group are families who are graduating out of being on Student Care Financial Assistance.

“It has been particularly challenging for these families who were already vulnerable before the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Rev Beatrice Kang Vice President of CCSS.  “We very much welcome the start of this collaboration with Trafigura.”

“We hope to see these households inspired, invigorated, enhanced and nourished,” said Chin Hwee Tan, CEO Asia Pacific for Trafigura. “We are very proud of the efforts that have been made by our company and its employees in supporting local charities and in making a positive impact to these beneficiaries during these unprecedented times.”

The collaboration with CCSS was assessed and validated by the Trafigura Foundation and supported by Trafigura Singapore office’s charity committee.  Trafigura is actively involved in strengthening communities in Singapore and was  awarded a Community Chest gold medal in 2019 in recognition of the company’s efforts.

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