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VOS Champagne fitted with marine-certified telescopic mobile crane

VOS Champagne, a 2015-built DP2 anchor-handling tug supply vessel managed by Vroon Offshore Services (VOS) Srl, has been supporting Eni Group’s installations in the Adriatic Sea since 2018. VOS Champagne provides a wide range of services, including supply and towing duties and passenger transfer.

Earlier this year, VOS and Eni started discussions on the feasibility of installing a mobile/shore crane on the vessel’s main deck. Such a crane would enhance even further VOS Champagne’s contributions to Eni’s logistic-effectiveness offshore Ravenna (Italy). The main challenge of this interesting project would be safely securing the crane on deck and fulfilling the required operational capabilities, while maintaining full compliance with Class instructions and stability limitations. This challenge was enthusiastically and diligently taken on by our VOS Genoa Ship Management Department, with the team assuming full responsibility for coordinating the work scope that included engineering, procurement, construction and installation. During the engineering and construction phases, we paid particular attention to the most adverse sea/weather conditions in order to guarantee the safest possible utilisation of the crane in all eventualities.

After detailed drawings had been approved by Class society RINA, work could commence! On 26 June 2020, VOS Champagne arrived in Ravenna’s Rosetti Marino Shipyard for construction and installation works. This preparatory work included steel cutting, welding of new pad eyes, installation of the 12-ton crane foundations and painting.

Once the main support structures and foundations were secure on deck, VOS Champagne transferred to Eni’s base on 7 July. Here, the delicate operation of loading the telescopic mobile crane “GROVE GMK 5220” was coordinated by Eni’s shore staff in close collaboration with the vessel’s crew.

Once loaded on to the main deck, the crane was positioned on four stabilisers, spreading her weight on top of the four foundations. Each of these foundations was bolted to the newly installed H-beam structures that was vital to support the horizontal forces. All four crane stabilisers were lashed directly on to six pad-eyes (24 in total) using Certified turnbuckles, each weighing 27 tons.

After completion of the installation process, all equipment was tested and certified by RINA. The vessel’s Stability Booklet was amended to incorporate the new equipment and a final and approved ILO (International Labour Organization) Crane Booklet, which lists the crane’s working loads at different radii, was handed over to the crew.

On Monday 13 July, VOS Champagne performed her first lifting operations offshore Ravenna at the Barbara-F platform. The new crane was used to load cargo on deck in the port of Ravenna and subsequently discharge it on to the platform, with operations being completed both smoothly and safely.

We would like to thank all the professionals who were involved in this exciting journey and wish the VOS Challenge crew members continued safe and successful operations!

This project demonstrates once again our competence and expertise in delivering integrated-services across the offshore industry. At VOS, we pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with clients to identify and develop the best, most efficient, cost-effective and safest solutions to satisfy specific operational requirements.