Home Technical Barrus appoints three dedicated dealers to drive sales for YANMAR Dtorque outboard

Barrus appoints three dedicated dealers to drive sales for YANMAR Dtorque outboard

The Caley Marina demonstrator boat will showcase the YANMAR Dtorque 111 Turbo Diesel outboard to customers in Scotland

YANMAR’s UK distributor Barrus has strengthened its UK sales and service network with the appointment of three dedicated dealers for the Dtorque 111 Turbo Diesel outboard.

The new Committed Sales Dealers, named as Inverness-based Caley Marina, Fettes and Rankine in Aberdeen and South Shore Marine in Northern Ireland, are ideally positioned in the market to focus on meeting increasing demand for the Neander-engineered outboard, distributed worldwide by YANMAR.

Selected to support Barrus‘s growth strategy in the aquaculture, oil and gas, and fishing sectors, the three established YANMAR dealers will spearhead the drive to promote awareness and expand sales of the Dtorque for applications including fast rescue craft and safety boats.

The first serial production diesel outboard with dual crankshaft and the smallest diesel outboard with common rail fuel injection, YANMAR’s Dtorque Turbo Diesel is well suited for workboats, rescue and safety boats, fishing boats, oil and gas and offshore vessels, government and port authority boats, passenger boats and superyachts tenders. Offering the additional safety benefits and minimised fire risk associated with diesel fuel, the 50 hp Dtorque features a range of further benefits, including a remarkable torque output peaking at 111 Nm at 2,500 rpm, fuel economy, reliability, and low noise and vibration.

Mike Forman, Sales Manager, Marine Diesel, Barrus, said: “We are pleased to announce Caley Marina, Fettes and Rankine, and South Shore Marine as our new high-level dealers for YANMAR’s Dtorque outboard. They have been identified as best placed to effectively penetrate our target markets, particularly in the thriving aquaculture and fishing sectors in specific regions in Scotland and Ireland. These businesses are a perfect fit for our sales strategy going forward for Dtorque and we look forward to introducing the benefits of this unique outboard to more industry professionals.”

Caley Marina, offering a full range of specialist engineering services and technical support from its base on the western side of Scotland, will use its extensive connections in the expanding aquaculture sector to actively promote Dtorque to the fish farm and commercial sectors. A unit has already been rigged to a demonstrator boat to showcase the outboard to customers in the region.

Based on the east coast of Scotland in the heart of the oil and gas support sector, Fettes and Rankine is a leading supplier of engineering services to the marine and offshore industry and prominently positioned within the oil and gas industry. It will focus on partnering with key companies to target fast rescue craft and safety boats that currently fit petrol outboards.

South Shore Marine & Diesel, based at Kinnego Marina, Oxford Island, is a marine parts and service centre for both the commercial workboat and leisure sectors. Well connected in all fishing sectors, South Shore will use its extensive network across the whole of Ireland to promote the Dtorque.

Included in Barrus’s comprehensive product portfolio since 2017, the YANMAR Dtorque has an expected life span of more than 10,000 hours, requiring minimal maintenance with less stress on the engine and its suspension. The smooth-running 804cc outboard features torque performance surpassing the leading 70 hp fuel-injected, four-stroke gasoline outboards and fuel consumption of maximum 12 litres per hour (wide open throttle).

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