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DP World Limassol unveils new equipment

Eight forklifts and a state-of-the art empty container handler were added to the Company’s fleet

In line with its ongoing commitment to upgrade and modernise the infrastructure of the Limassol port, DP World Limassol has acquired new equipment, in an effort to increase its handling capacity and improve operational efficiency. Despite the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Company is following through with its investment strategy, delivering on its pledge to support the maritime sector and the help build resilience in Cyprus’ supply chain.

Moreover, and as part of its ongoing commitment to customers, DP World Limassol has been investing in the infrastructure of the Multipurpose terminal, while today it has proceeded with further investments, purchasing a total of 8 new forklifts as well as one state-of-the-art empty container handler. Two of the forklifts are electric, with a load capacity of 2.5 and 3.5 tons respectively, two of them run on liquid petrol gas, of 2.5 and 3.5 tons each and 4 are diesel powered, with a load capacity of two units 7, one unit 14 and one unit 20 tons respectively.

The addition of new equipment to the Company’s existing fleet of forklifts, reach stackers and mobile harbour cranes, is an important step towards the modernisation of the terminal, as it further boosts the resilience, productivity and safety of port operations at the Multi-Purpose Terminal, complementing our efforts to reduce emissions and therefore benefiting the environment.

In the three and a half years since officially taking over the operations of the Limassol port, DP World Limassol has proceeded to a series of targeted investments that significantly upgraded the port’s infrastructure – acquiring high-tech mobile harbour cranes and a reach stacker, among others – managing to reduce vessel turnaround time, reduce the company’s environmental footprint and improve customer satisfaction.

In statements DP World Limassol’s CEO, Nawaf Abdulla said that “in this challenging period, new investments enhance market confidence and help the economy move forward. At the same time, the new equipment we have acquired, contributes to our Company’s efforts to keep trade flowing, moving vital goods to where they are needed in an environmentally friendly way. DP World Limassol will continue investing in both infrastructure and automation, in order to bring the Limassol port closer to its goals and particularly its aspiration to become the main port of choice in the Eastern Mediterranean. This is not the end of our efforts, as we are still expecting some additional equipment to arrive in the coming weeks, and same will be shared with our partners and key customers”.

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