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BASS launches the BASSnetTM Scheduler

BASSnet™ Scheduler keeps ship managers and staff on track via regular, timely alerts.

BASS is pleased to announce the launch of BASSnet™ Scheduler, a tool to easily automate email or SMS alerts for quick soundbites of data-driven insights gathered directly from BASSnet, to be sent at a pre-defined time that best suits the user.

Reports, analytics, and task alerts are a boon when it comes to streamlining business processes and increasing operational efficiency. BASS, a leading fleet management solutions provider, already provides insightful reporting that can be viewed via their handy Web Portal. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Regular, remote access to snapshots of information via mobile devices can be a game-changer, giving busy ship managers and staff the opportunity to easily view updates from any location in a timely fashion. This is where BASSnet™ Scheduler provides high value.

“BASSnet™ captures large amounts of fleet data, which prompted us to create powerful reporting tools that can improve vessel operational efficiency and optimise resources. We also automate helpful task reminders within the system. But the availability of all that information is one thing; regular access is another,” says Per Steinar Upsaker, CEO and Managing Director of BASS. “Most ship managers and crew are too occupied with urgent tasks and challenges to regularly check in on reports and alerts at their desktop. BASSnet™ Scheduler changes this dynamic. The tool conveniently puts the timing for receiving important updates directly into users’ hands.”

This tailored approach creates an environment where ‘convenience’ is the byword; ship managers and crew can regularly view BASSnet’s rich insights and time-sensitive information – such as budgetary red flags and trend analyses – at intervals most suitable for them. Users can then act promptly to bridge productivity gaps or strengthen business processes.

Importantly, the scheduled alerts carry custom reports in digestible bites that suit the needs of a mobile workforce. In addition, BASSnet™ Scheduler provides the useful ability to click-through to reporting details in real-time on BASS’s Web Portal.

“We wanted to give users the flexibility to dig deeper into alert details when they needed to,” notes Martin Bjoernebye, BASS’s VP of Research and Development. “A bird’s eye view of important information is the starting point, but the user should then be able to uncover layers of information quickly. We met this need by inserting clickable links in the alerts. Users can easily click through to our Web Portal directly from the mobile device. They also have the freedom to embed their own handpicked links,” he added, “and additional bespoke adapters for information distribution based on customer-specific requirements can also be provided.”

With BASSnet™ Scheduler, BASS has hit on a mobile-friendly and easy-to-use vehicle for distributing vital information direct-to-customer, at a timing that’s most convenient for ship owners, managers and crew alike.

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