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Inmarsat and Cobham connect remote workers

A comprehensive new Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) push-to-talk (PTT) solution from Inmarsat and partner Cobham SATCOM will connect remote workers using vehicles across the globe.

The solution provides real-time data transfer and PTT communications for utilities, mining, aid and NGO, agricultural work and more, as well as public safety and emergency response, where remote workers often brave hostile environments to deliver critical operations.

For engineers performing well-head maintenance, mining exploration teams on the hunt for new mineral deposits and aid and NGO organisations responding to humanitarian events, it is vital that all parties can see the position of their assets, share data and communicate in real-time. However, the very nature of the remote regions means that operations often occur where there is a lack of reliable cellular communications connectivity. This means communications are not possible, leading to operational and safety challenges.

Industry-leading reliability

Our new solution responds to these challenges by utilising BGAN, which offers industry-leading reliability of more than 99% uptime. Low form factor satellite terminals, such as the new Cobham EXPLORER 323, are mounted on vehicles providing real-time GPS, telemetry and PTT capabilities, through the EXPLORER Mobile Gateway anywhere in the world. Control centres are then able to efficiently and safely monitor the movement and performance of their vehicles, while enabling communications with crew wherever they are located.

The Cobham EXPLORER Mobile Gateway integrates easily into any existing radio equipment, allowing organisations to use their existing, trusted equipment. PRISM PTT+, a service powered by Cobham SATCOM’s innovative PRISM (Private Routing & Intelligent System Management) technology enables the BGAN PTT Solution to switch between connectivity types such as UHF or VHF, 3G/4G and satellite making the solution cost-effective and easy to use. The switching process is unique in the market because it is completely seamless and offers an economical approach to voice communications.

Tara Maclachlan, Vice President of IoT, Enterprise at Inmarsat, commented: “Inmarsat’s BGAN push-to-talk solution is set to offer a new level of resilient communications for organisations working in remote regions. It provides visibility of the movements and performance of remote assets along with real-time communications ensuring organisations benefit from enhanced efficiencies and safety levels.”

Communications certainty

Todd McDonell, President of Inmarsat Global Government said: “First responders and public safety teams need communications certainty, especially in operating conditions where fixed networks become disabled or degraded due to emergency events. The Broadband Global Area Network push to talk solution provides government users with a way to maintain ‘comms-on-the-move’ connectivity regardless of the situation on the ground.

“Providing voice, data and streaming services that can be easily integrated with the existing radio and data networks, the Broadband Global Area Network push to talk service provides extended coverage for traditional communications links.”

Henrik Nørrelykke, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, Cobham, said “Cobham SATCOM is excited to work with Inmarsat to launch the new BGAN PTT Solution. Utilising the Cobham EXPLORER Mobile Gateway, the PRISM PTT+ solution enables easy integration into any existing radio equipment, making it simple for organisations across a range of industries to upgrade their trusted 2-way radio capabilities.”

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