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Pinfabb provides free remote assistance to help with COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, Italian firm Pinfabb is offering its customers free-of-charge remote services.

When stabilisers service engineers cannot inspect vessels physically, as is happening during this time of travel restrictions, a practical alternative for Pinfabb customers is to use remote service sessions.

During the past few years, customers joining Pinfabb’s Remote Service package have increased and this tool has proven to be very reliable and useful to solve tasks while avoiding travel and associated costs.

The Pinfabb Remote Kit (right) is composed by robust and compact hardware that can be delivered directly to the ship by Pinfabb with simple connecting instructions. After connection, Pinfabb engineers will connect remotely to the stabilisers plant for helping the crew in diagnosis, troubleshooting, providing operational support and guidance, as if they were onboard.

Pinfabb Remote Service statistics in 2019:

–  89,300.00 euro saved.

–  22,933.00 kg of CO2 reduced.

–  95 per cent of problem solved in less than 2 hours.

According to Pinfabb, these statistics are possible due to the special POSEIDON configuration, composed by high-level plug-and-play components, which make it unique among the industry.

“Given the travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 emergency, we decided to offer to all our clients free-of-charge Remote Service, but we also wanted think about shipowners and managers who are not yet our clients and may need technical assistance without the possibility to get because they don’t have a Pinfabb POSEIDON system installed onboard. For this reason, we have created a simple tool that give them access to our Remote Service, which we put at their disposal, as well, free-of-charge,” said Matteo Fabbricotti, CEO, Pinfabb SRL.

Other benefits of the Pinfabb Remote Kit include:

–  Remote Service sessions will be FREE until 2021.

–  Hardware is offered with 30 per cent discount.

–  As the software has been designed using the same POSEIDON hardware, it means that it will be possible to convert it to a POSEIDON system whenever convenient for the owner, allowing retrofit of the ship stabilisers plant with a modern, reliable, and ECO friendly system which can be added to SEEMP.

Source: Pinfabb

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