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MOL President & CEO Ikeda Addresses Company’s Entrance Ceremony ~ Aiming at Stable Transport through Safe Operation ~

MOL announced that the company welcomed 49 new employees (new graduates at sea:13; new graduates on land: 30; career recruits: 6) on April 1. President & CEO Ikeda delivered the following message at the entrance ceremony on the same day.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the ceremony started about one hour later than in previous years, to allow for staggered commuting by both new and current employees. In addition, the participants were divided into separated rooms connected by audio and video monitors, to ensure social distancing.

“Everyone, congratulations on joining the company. The entrance ceremony this year has a very unusual style, but otherwise nothing has changed, as the MOL Group sincerely welcomes everybody here joining Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, or MOL, which is committed to developing its businesses on the world stage.

Cultivating Safety Awareness

“Safety is the top priority in all MOL business activities. The company views safe operation as a key social obligation and is committed to forging ahead to become the world leader in safe operation. As part of these efforts, please do everything in your power to cultivate a solid, united safety culture among all MOL Group members at sea and on land, while not only realizing safety onboard, but also protecting yourself and others around you.


“MOL established “MOL CHART” (Note 1) to express the common values are passed down from one generation of MOL Group employees to the next. MOL CHART sums up the qualities of every candidate who will play a key role in our future. I hope all of you will fully enjoy the meaning of MOL CHART while playing your corporate role from now on, and also find a meaning of the CHART for each of you.

“Restrictions on people’s comings and goings are going on all over the world due to the expansion of the coronavirus pandemic. However, we must note that energy and everyday products are absolutely essential for a daily life as long as human activities continue. And ocean shipping plays a critical part in ensuring a stable supply chain, and you must remember that everyone at MOL, including employees onboard, bear a huge responsibility in providing for the welfare of people all over the world, people trying to make the most of every day. Please recognize this anew and let’s all make our best, together!”

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