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Cyprus new lockdown measures

The Minister of Health has announced at 15:00 hours today, a series of additional measures to combat Coronavirus pandemic in Cyprus, the main ones being as follows:

Citizens entitled to enter the Republic of Cyprus, without presenting a health certificate tested negative for COVID-19, are:

    1. People who have traveled to foreign countries for medical reasons, together with the persons accompanying them during their departure or hospitalisation.
    2. Students abroad, who belong to COVID-19 vulnerable groups, according to the Ministry of Health announcement, 16 March 2020.

People who were abroad for medical reasons, must present a certificate from the Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Cyprus, instead of the medical certificate.

Students who fall under the “vulnerable group” category, must have a specific certificate issued only after the evaluation of the prerequisite medical certificates, by a three-member Medical Board. Applications must be submitted by email to the Cyprus Medical Association at cyma@pis.cyma.org.cy

If deemed necessary, the Republic of Cyprus will charter flights from Athens and London for the return of people who fall under the above-mentioned categories to Cyprus.

All those who enter the Republic of Cyprus will remain upon their arrival for 14 days in the quarantine areas designated by the Government, except for persons who were abroad for medical reasons and fall under category 1, as mentioned above. These persons will remain in self-quarantine in order to continue their medical treatment uninterrupted.

It is noted that, upon their arrival to the Republic of Cyprus they will be subject to a mandatory COVID-19 test and will follow the provisions of the relevant medical protocol.

In addition, as from 06:00 hours tomorrow, 31 March 2020:

Citizens movement prohibitions:

    1. House gatherings are forbidden for non-residents of the house
    2. Movement is prohibited for all people from 21:00 hours until 06:00 hours, except for those who have the Confirmation of Movement of an Employee (Form A).
    3. The use of movement of citizens by way of exception, in accordance with the provisions of Form B, is limited to once per day only, subject to confirmation after sending an SMS message to 8998. The use of written Movement Confirmation Document (Form B), is only allowed for persons over 65 years old.

The following retail businesses will remain closed every Sunday:

All food and beverage retailers (e.g. supermarkets, small grocery stores, butchers, fish markets, bakeries, pastry shops, fruit markets, cellars). Offenders penalty will be increased, from 150 to 300 euros.

It is noted that mini markets are excluded from the prohibition, provided that they will not sell products of retail businesses.

As from 06:00 hours tomorrow, 31 March 2020 the following are also suspended:

  1. Tourist and travel agencies
  2. Aircraft maintenance services, excluding services who attend exceptionally approved flights by the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works as well as cargo flights
  3. For vehicle transportation, the number of persons, including the driver, for taxis, private and / or other vehicles must not exceed three persons.

Business owners have to install all the necessary signs, so that there is a 2-meter distance from citizens both inside and outside the business (i.e. inside the shop/business premises and queues outside the shop/business).

In addition, citizens when visiting public areas, should ensure that they are within 2 meters distance of their fellow citizens.

In addition to the above-mentioned decree, the Ministerial Committee has decided the following measures:

  1. Increase the penalty for offenders from 150 to 300 euros.
  2. Increase of inspections at check-points between the Government control areas and the occupied territories.
  3. Activate neighborhood observers.
  4. Recommendations will be made to commercial banks for issuing credit cards based on the customer deposits and as well as guidelines to customers with the necessary precautionary measures for cash withdraws from ATMs.
  5. In order to limit the movement of people found positive with coronavirus who are in home-quarantine, the Ministry of Health is considering the enforcement of electronic home monitoring.
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