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Thenamaris deploys Evo News across its entire fleet

The promotion, development and improvement of Crew welfare is becoming a major objective for shipping companies as they recognize that quality working conditions and work-life balance are essential for the effective and safe operation of vessels.

In looking after of the most important asset of our company, our seafarers, we found Marpoint’s solution ‘’EvoNews’’ to be a very practical, modern and affordable solution to keep our crews updated with news from all over the world at all times Yannos Koudounas / Performance & Development Supervisor

Digital technology is transforming the shipping industry.

As the industry introduces new technologies to make vessels safer, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective, technology is also playing a key role in improving crew welfare. The new generation of seafarers expects to have connectivity and welfare services such as Evo News on board, an expectation which may even influence their choice of employer. Thenamaris creates more off duty welfare for its seafarers by deploying Evo News across its entire fleet of managed vessels.

The use of Evo News enables Thenamaris to enhance the end-user experience of accessing information while on board. As there is no limitation in languages, articles can be delivered in the native language of all the different crew nationalities serving on-board each vessel. Seafarers are also able to stay up-to-date with news from home and the rest of the world constantly, in a personalized way: they can read news on their devices, customize their newsfeed by adding specific sites and topics, and access a wide range of preconfigured news providers.

The company can also choose to send corporate news, messages, and any kind of updates directly to the seafarers as part of their daily newsfeed, if wanted.

All this is achieved while maintaining cost efficiency. Seafarers don’t have to worry about the cost of internet use as Evo News works without an internet connection. Moreover, there are no hidden costs for the company, and no lost working hours for technical intervention by the company’s IT department since Evo News can be installed and updated remotely on any vessel.

Advantages for the company

  • Cost efficient
  • Improve crew welfare
  • Corporate news as an RSS feed
  • Company’s custom newsfeed
  • Remote installation & maintenance

Advantages for the seafarers

  • No need to use crew internet cards
  • Unlimited languages for all crew nationalities
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Unlimited news providers & topics
  • No downloading delays
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