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The Shipping Deputy Ministry presented its annual report for 2019

On the occasion of the two-year completion of the Shipping Deputy Ministry establishment, a press conference of Shipping Deputy Minister, Ms Natasa Pilides, was held today at the Presidential Palace, where the annual report of the Ministry for 2019 presented.

Ms Pilides referred to the action plan implemented by the Shipping Deputy Ministry focused on the pillars of the National Strategy for the further development of the Cypriot Shipping Sector. Specifically, emphasis was put on efforts to ensure the competitiveness, the upgrade of provided services and the transition to the digital age, the promotion of Blue Growth as well as the improvement of safety levels and the protection of the environment.

During the press conference, Ms Pilides referred to the successful re-approval of the Cyprus Tonnage Tax System by the EU for another 10 years. She stressed that this development ensures a climate of stability and confidence in the shipping industry.

She also referred to the efforts to improve competitiveness of the Cyprus Registry by revising its pricing policy and simplifying ship registration procedures. Emphasis was also given to the successful organization of the international maritime conference “Maritime Cyprus” held last October, completing 30 years of presence in the field.

The enhancement of the cooperation with other nations is a key priority of the Ministry aiming at strengthening Cyprus’s role in the European and international decision- making process. The re-election of Cyprus to the council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for the two-year period 2020-2021 is indicative, placing Cyprus in the 4th position in Category C with a record vote for our island.

The Ministry gives particular importance to the environmental protection both internationally and locally with the State Aid Scheme for the Upgrading of ferry passenger ships. In the field of security, the Ministry has successfully passed the European Organization for the Maritime Safety (EMSA) with zero observations, while the Cyprus case will be used by EMSA as example of successful use of best practices and procedures.

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