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DynaRep expands in the Pilotage Services sector through its collaboration with Strasselink

Continuing its dynamic expansion in strategic areas of the shipping industry, DynaRep Shipping Consultants joined forces with Strasselink Pte Ltd. from Singapore, offering a reliable and cost-effective pilotage service to all ship owners looking to have a safe transit via the Singapore and Malacca Straits.

Emphasis is not only being put on safety, which is of paramount importance, but also on the fact that Strasselink Pte Ltd. is the only pilotage service provider that has an agreement with the Indonesian state and is working in a partnership with them, for the embarkation and disembarkation of pilots in its territorial waters.  This is important, since Indonesia maintains sovereignty over most of the coastal waters in the East-bound traffic separation scheme and they have warned Marine Advisory service providers from illegal boarding / disembarking of foreign pilots in their territorial waters servicing vessels along Malacca and Singapore. As the Indonesian authorities are stepping up on their enforcement actions, there is a risk of vessels not conforming to the Indonesian government’s instructions, thus being harassed or detained.

Strasselink is one of the pioneer companies in the area, providing Malacca / Singapore straits pilotage services since 2005.  They ensure smooth and completely legal operations, avoiding service disruptions, since they are working with the relevant Indonesian authorities and with Indonesian pilots to ensure that their Marine Advisors are allowed to board vessels with the legal clearance from the Indonesian authorities.

DynaRep Shipping consultants inaugurated its services to the Greek and Cypriot shipping industries in 2018, offering representation services to a wide agency, port towage and, now, pilotage network.

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