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Digital Ship Maritime CIO Forum, Bergen 27 Nov 2019

Norway is in many ways the most advanced with maritime digital technology in the world – including with the first autonomous cargo shipping project, battery powered ferries, a pioneer in integrated operations for offshore projects, world leading data integration projects, and using technology to reduce offshore carbon emissions. We’ll review some of the developments – and what needs to be done – at this year’s Bergen Maritime CIO forum on November 27.

Satcom – how much change can we expect from the new LEO constellations – SpaceX and Leosat?

Cybersecurity – do we properly understand the changing threat landscape? Do we treat the different threats – corporate software, shipboard navigation, shipboard software, and shipboard systems – with the necessary separation of concerns?

People and shipping operations – in our rush to digitalise, are we making enough effort to ensure that people are given software tools which do the utmost to help them make decisions? Or are we working towards a future where we believe people will not be required (and if so, is that realistic)?

Fuel efficiency data – are we actually able to gather data from ships and analyse it to make decisions about how to improve vessel performance?

Digitalisation – are our ‘digitalisation’ projects going to plan, is there more we should be doing, or could be doing, to achieve our goals of higher safety, efficiency and quality of life onboard?

Gender diversity – can we use digital technology more to attract more females into the shipping workforce? How much is this a factor in the appeal of our companies to investors?

Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Torbjørn Lussand, VP Corporate IT, Odfjell

  • Tor Skeie, Vice President Maritime IT Solutions, Marlink

  • Dan Rooney, Director of Maritime, Iridium

  • Abhijit Naik, Regional Director for Digital and IoT Technology Practice, L&T Technology Services

  • Tom Hagesæther, Manager Digital Products, Odfjell

  • Tord Glad Nordahl, Chief Digital Officer, Marin IT (internal IT service provider to DOF ASA and Austevoll Seafood ASA)

  • Svein David Medhaug, Project Manager – Autonomy, Innovation and new Technology, Norwegian Maritime Authority

  • Håvard Lillevik, Founder, Grapevine AS and Lillevik IT

  • Siv Remøy-Vangen, Managing Director, Maritime Bergen

  • Karl-Erik Johannessen, CEO, COEX

  • Martin Mjøs Haugland, Head of HSEQ, SWIRE Seabed

  • Alexander Varvarenko, CEO, Varamar Group and Shipnext

  • Dimitris Lyras, CEO, Ulysses Systems

  • Jacob Grieg Eide, Chief Business Development Officer, Scanreach

If you are an employee of a shipping company and have interesting experiences or opinions you would like to share at this event, either with a presentation or a panel, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact conference producer Vaida Stockunaite on vaida@thedigitalship.com Tel 44 207 017 3403 to discuss further.

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