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Norden – Pioneering new developments

With a focused decarbonisation lead, NORDEN strengthens pledge to investigate sustainable alternatives and pioneer industry developments.

In 2018, the UN’s International Maritime Organisation ambitiously agreed to halve the sector’s greenhouse gas emis- sions by 2050 and issued a call to action in support of shipping’s decarbonisation, a transition which requires both techno- logical and business innovation.

The welcomed targets have caused ripple effects throughout the industry, not least of all for NORDEN, which last year as a world first tested the use of sailing on biofuel. While a second test voyage was conducted earlier this year to examine how emissions from biofuel compare to those from fossil fuels, data from which is now in the process of being evaluated, other alternatives also need to be considered.

Henrik Røjel, Fuel Efficiency and Decarbonisation Manager

The entrepreneurial engineer Engineer Henrik Røjel has with equal parts entrepreneurialism and stubborn determination helped introduce new sys- tems, a novel way of approaching data and championed increased fuel efficien- cy across the company during the past 6 years.

“Helping to create the company’s Fuel Efficiency team was an entrepreneurial

task, where we quickly became an integrated part of the business, evidence of a developing, evolving and maturing NORDEN, becoming more digital and using data as an asset,” Henrik Røjel says.

Tackling new challenges

Now, Henrik Røjel takes on another entrepreneurial task – leading decarbonisation efforts in the company, thereby accelerating efforts in developing CO2 neutral transportation to customers and coordinating and prioritising decarbonisation initiatives.

“While we in NORDEN have come a long way in reducing emissions by increasing our fuel efficiency and also testing CO2 neutral biofuel, we want to further in- tensify our efforts to drive the shipping industry towards a cleaner future and offer our customers CO2 neutral trans- portation,” says CEO Jan Rindbo.

“My ambition is to truly work to make a difference,” says Henrik Røjel of his new role. “I look forward to drawing on the vast knowledge and experience in the entire NORDEN organisation and to take NORDEN forward, working with the industry to create real, lasting results.”

Source: Norden News

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