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Orolia and SRH Marine collaborate on cyber-safe e-navigation

Orolia Maritime is working in close collaboration with SRH Marine to integrate Orolia Maritime’s M-SecureSync cybersecurity capabilities into its new automated digital services distribution platform.

SRH Marine’s Resilient Navigation solution “SecureNav+” is due to be launched by end of 2019. This new agnostic solution links a vessel’s Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) or Fleet Broadband (FBB), Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver, allowing shipowners and operators to use the device as a data bridge to review and update ECDIS data. With the inclusion of Orolia Maritime’s M-SecureSync capabilities, this combined solution will allow ships sailing paperless to analyse their GNSS source for jamming or spoofing interference, offering shipowners the combined e-navigational security of GNSS signal integrity and chart accuracy.

“We are thrilled to be working with SRH Marine,” said Chris Loizou, vice president maritime at Orolia. “This innovative collaboration builds on Orolia Maritime’s strengths in resilient GNSS solutions, offering both vessel and shoreside management a unique e-navigational security solution during a period of increased concern over GNSS cyber safety.”

SRH Marine Group chief operating officer, Panayiotis Giannoulis, stated: “We’re pleased to be working with Orolia Maritime on this, building on our existing partnership. The SecureNav+ solution will bring more resilient navigation and ensure shipowners have access to the latest e-navigation information. The incorporation of M-SecureSync capabilities will give our customers the peace of mind that they are protected by a multi-layered suite of cybersecurity resilience for threats to critical GNSS signals.”

Source: Digital Ship

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