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HMM enters acquisition race for Hyundai LNG Shipping

HMM, a South Korean shipping giant, has joined the race to acquire Hyundai LNG Shipping, the country’s top liquefied natural gas  transporter.

According to industry insiders on May 18, HMM has expressed its intention to IMM Private Equity to carry out due diligence and participate in the main bidding for Hyundai LNG Shipping. IMM Private Equity is a private investment fund manager holding a 100% stake in Hyundai LNG Shipping.

At present, Hyundai LNG Shipping owns a fleet of 23 vessels, including 16 LNG carriers, six liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers, and one LNG bunkering vessel. The company boasts a stable income stream, derived from long-term contracts with Korea Gas Corporation and international clients.

Last year, HMM unveiled a medium-to-long-term strategy aimed at portfolio diversification. The company’s revenue structure is heavily dependent on the container sector, directly linked to global economic trends. As part of its strategy, HMM plans to expand its fleet of bulk carriers, known for their stable profitability. Notably, the LNG shipping market is projected to see a significant uptick due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Hyundai LNG Shipping was initially part of HMM’s LNG transportation division. In 2014, HMM sold this division for KRW 500 billion to improve its liquidity position.

Source: BusinessKorea

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