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Premiere of the world’s first self driving ferry

Stockholm launches the world’s first self-driving commercial passenger ferry – entirely powered by electricity. The Norwegian shipping company Torghatten AS is behind the initiative and will operate the passenger ferry between the Stockholm islands of Kungsholmen and Södermalm.

–  Many large cities around the world have problems with congestion, lack of capacity and environmental and air pollution. Self-driving technology will be part of the solution and will be good for both the climate and people, says Reidun Svarva, Chief Business Development Officer at Torghatten.

The idea of autonomous urban ferries started at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. Based on the researchers’ results, the company Zeabuz was founded, in which Torghatten AS is a co-owner. The aim is to create more sustainable urban mobility.

–  Instead of being barriers, the water surfaces will sew the city together and become a shortcut for all Stockholmers, Svarva continues.

“Ambition to expand around the world”

Thanks to Stockholm`s unique water environment, the city will be the first on the trip to expand the self-driving boat concept to more cities.

–  The ambition is to expand the concept to more parts of the world, Svarva continues.

Torghatten also assures that the self-driving boat technology is tested and safe. Initially, an operator on board will ensure that everything runs smoothly during the crossing.

–  With 150 years of experience and tested technology, Stockholmers can rest assured that we are implementing this in a safe way.

The ferry will start operating in Stockholm in June 2023.

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