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BSM Cruise Services relies on Aquametro Oil and Marine solutions for cruise vessel Ambience

In this first project with BSM Cruise Services Aquametro Oil & Marine has delivered its Fuel Performance System as well as CONTOIL® fuel oil meters for the cruise vessel Ambience.

The Ambience is the first cruise vessel of Ambassador Cruise Line – a newly founded British cruise line. BSM Cruise Services took over the management of the cruise vessel in 2021. To meet latest environmental standards the vessel underwent extensive refurbishment. By AOM’s Fuel Performance System fuel consumption can be measured to determine high fuel usage periods. The CONTOIL® flowmeters are monitoring the fuel consumption of the main engine and two auxiliary engines.

The CONTOIL® flowmeters are highly accurate and at the same time cost-effective. They can provide fuel oil consumption data in Mass as well as Volume. With minimum moving parts and a compact design, the CONTOIL® flowmeter is more than capable of withstanding the harsh marine environment. The Fuel Performance System assists you in bundling all measured flowmeter data in a report or graphical form on per-voyage basis. Web-based visualization, trend curves, KPI analysis, fuel monitoring and reporting are some of the key functions that we offer with our monitoring system.

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