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SeaARCTOS joined the Podium5 connected Community

On 1 January 2025, the Mediterranean Sea will join the world’s other designated (S)ECA Zones, necessitating owners to additionally switch their fuels from high sulfur to low sulfur before passing Gibraltar, Suez and the Bosporus. As a result, the pressure on owners to confirm fuel switches to authorities before entering and after exiting these global (S)ECA zones will increase considerably. With the ability to combine and geolocate accurate exhaust data for SO2, CO2 and CH4 slip readings, SeaARCTOS seeks to transform the emissions monitoring and compliance environment.

Today, the world’s first stack mounted self powered and self transmitting exhaust sensor system, SeaARCTOS, joins the Podium5 voyage informatics platform. Backed by multiple maritime and associated industry participants, in close consultation with a number of major ship owners and having completed 20,000 hours of shipboard testing, SeaARCTOS has achieved the goal of producing a low cost, independent, self powered, self transmitting exhaust gas sensor, which can be Installed in less than 45 minutes by ship staff with no hot work, cabling or cutting.

“Our sensor operates on waste heat, is carbon neutral in operation and zero maintenance as it has no user serviceable parts. Units are available by subscription per vessel per day, there is no hardware to buy, no communications or other hidden charges. With ever increasing demand for emissions monitoring and compliance we believe we have delivered the answer the industry and governments need.” says Michael Kougellis, SeaARCTOS CEO.

The independent, tamper proof unit provides hourly exhaust characteristics plus transmission of “spoof” proof geo-location. This data can be viewed separately or exported via API and viewed in Podium5 combined with other relevant data streams to deliver comprehensive operational insight and trends. “From the launch of the Podium5 voyage informatics platform in 2020, StratumFive has made sure there is a place for innovative ideas and new technology solutions, giving them profile and exposure to the market. SeaARCTOS and its emissions sensor is the latest to add to our Connected Community’s growing capabilities in environmental monitoring and compliance solutions. ” says Ross Martin, StratumFive CEO.

For more than a decade StratumFive has been delivering leading cost-effective voyage monitoring solutions and has now become a leading voyage intelligence provider to more than 13,000 ships. Its global network includes the recently acquired FleetWeather operations centre in the USA and its 50 year history of service excellence. At the beginning of 2020 the company launched Podium5 , an advanced voyage informatics platform for an increasingly connected maritime community.

Source: StratumFive

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