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CVM Ex targets electrolysis

The CVM Ex cell voltage monitor for electrolysers. An important feature is that the measuring technology is housed in an ATEX-certifi

SMART TESTSOLUTIONS, leading provider of technologies for cell voltage monitoring on fuel cells, has presented a cell voltage monitoring system for electrolysers at Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe, a sub-fair of the Hannover Messe. “CVM Ex” is based on the proven CVM modules MCM-IntelliProbe.

The IntelliProbe modules are very compact and robust and can easily be plugged together to form a multi-cell monitoring stack. Up to 60 modules allow the measurement of 600 single-cell voltages. However, it is also possible to measure double cell voltages, which means that correspondingly more cells can be monitored. The measuring range of a channel is either -1 to +5 volts or -3 to +3 volts. Further advantages are high measuring accuracy and time-synchronous data processing.

CVM Ex can be used to monitor the cell voltages of electrolysers and thus ensure that the voltages remain within the permissible range during the electrolysis process. The measuring modules are housed in an ATEX-certified enclosure, so that the explosion protection requirement, which is important in electrolysis, is fulfilled. New for industrial applications is the provision of the data in a Modbus protocol for easy integration into the plant control system.

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