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Creating building blocks for Hydrogen to take off as its own market

In a rush to replace Europe’s dependence on Russian Oil and Gas, the drive for Hydrogen has never been stronger. This year’s event looks to answer two big questions: can Hydrogen ensure Europe’s energy independence and if it can, how can we grow demand for Hydrogen enabling global scale up? With the price of electrolyzers and renewable energy increasing, now is the time to scale up on Hydrogen volume to lower the costs. Join this year’s Hydrogen Market’s Europe Conference to find out how we can get there.

S&P Global Commodity Insights are delighted to announce our Hydrogen Markets Europe Conference, 2022, as part of the global move to launch a Hydrogen economy. This event is part of a global series organized by S&P Global Commodity Insights with parallel events in the US and Asia and attendees will include hydrogen producers, midstream natural gas companies, infrastructure investors, developers, electric power companies, regulators, and policy-makers, among many others.

Why attend?

• Understand the Hydrogen story so far in Europe
• Showcasing real-world Hydrogen projects
• Establishing Hydrogen as a globally traded commodity
• Building demand and financing Hydrogen
• Getting Hydrogen to centers of demand
• Connecting Hydrogen and Renewables
• Effective Hydrogen storage and distribution
• Examining the Hydrogen economy in market segments
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