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First visit of Emerald Azzurra to the port of Limassol

Our team recently had the wonderful opportunity to embark on the luxury superyacht, Emerald Azzurra, on its first visit to the Port of Limassol, and meet our colleagues from Scenic Group.

emerald azzurra pool

A luxury 100-passenger superyacht built in Vietnam, the Emerald Azzurra offers a host of amenities for passengers to enjoy. Starting with luxury accommodations that include 50 suites featuring scenic balconies, the luxury yacht also boasts an infrared sauna, large infinity pool, spa, gym, and marina platform, with SEABOBs, paddleboards, and snorkelling equipment for guests to savour. With a sky deck bar and observation area, a cafe by the pool and a restaurant making up a total of three dining locations, there is something new for every passenger to try. Measuring at approximately 361 feet (110 metres) in length, this custom-designed ship sets the stage for guests to delight in optimal opulence.

emerald azzurra view

RadiantFleet is proud to note that the Emerald Azzurra implements and uses our software solutions, with the following operational benefits:

  • Recruiting, hiring, planning, and administration of the yacht crew is made simple and efficient with Radiant Crewing.
  • Communication between Scenic Group and its crew members is enhanced with the Radiant Crew Portal.
  • Payroll is executed in seconds with Radiant Payroll for seamless efficiency.

time recording

We are delighted to partner with Scenic Group, a company that takes 5-star travel to new heights, and use our solutions to help them achieve next-level operational excellence by enabling efficiency improvements, enhanced collaboration, and unlocking competitive advantages.

emerald azzurra wide

The RadiantFleet team would like to thank our partners for the invitation and their hospitality during our visit on this innovative cruise ship!

emerald azzurra

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