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MOL Group establishes “Human Rights Policy”, “Basic Procurement Policy” and “Supplier Procurement Guidelines”

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines announced the establishment of the “MOL Group Human Rights Policies” in conformity with the United Nation “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.”
In addition, MOL revised the “MOL Group Basic Procurement Policy,” which encompasses issues to consider in its own procurement activities, and established the “MOL Group Supplier Procurement Guidelines,” comprising issues on which the group will seek the understanding and cooperation of our business partners.

1. Establishment of “MOL Group Human Rights Policy”

The MOL Group views respect for human rights as the matter of the highest importance, and strives to eliminate violations of human rights wherever they occur. The group established the human rights policy as a part of its efforts to more clarify the concept of respect for human rights as a group-wide common view and enhance related initiatives.

For details on the human rights policy, please refer to the following URL:
URL: https://mol.disclosure.site/en/themes/233

2. Revision of “MOL Group Basic Procurement Policy” and establishment of the “MOL Group Supplier Procurement Guidelines”

The MOL Group believes that one of its critical missions is to establish sustainable value chains and reliably offer high-quality products and services in consideration of human rights and so on. In the group’s procurement activities, along with establishment of the human rights policy, it has also revised the basic procurement policy, which was established in 2012, by adding issues related to human rights in the basic procurement policy. This is intended to highlight the group’s commitment to human rights.
In addition, the group has established the new Supplier Procurement Guidelines based on our belief that it is indispensable to gain the cooperation of our business partners to establish sustainable value chains. The guidelines summarize issues to consider in business activities of our business partners. The group focuses on activities to instill business partners with a deep understanding of the guidelines.
For details on the Basic Procurement Policy and Supplier Procurement Guidelines, please refer to the following URL:
URL: https://mol.disclosure.site/en/themes/232

The MOL Group sets forth “Governance (Governance and compliance to support businesses)” as a Sustainability Issue and sets “responsible procurement” and “respect for human rights” as initiative themes. (Fig. 1) The group will accelerate each initiative in line with the “MOL Sustainability Plan” .

(Fig. 1)

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