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Joint Lab on smart and autonomous ships created by Chinese, Korean, and Russian universities

On March 11, Harbin Engineering University, Seoul University, Wuhan Technology University and Russian University of Transport have signed the agreement establishing Joint Laboratory for ship intelligence and autonomous navigation technologies.

Joint lab is focusing on autonomous navigation, remote control, smart ships, and digital twins’ technologies to obtain breakthrough scientific research achievements and improve talent training ability. The countries represented by the universities have already started practical implementation of the autonomous shipping considered as one of the major topics for the Lab.

In his opening speech, Xia Guihua, Vice President of Harbin Engineering University said, that cooperation in research in the field of smart and autonomous ships, especially cutting-edge technology, is of special significance. “All four universities from three countries did excellent research in smart and autonomous ships. The establishment of the Joint Lab will enhance existing cooperation, bring new opportunities and benefit members of the lab.”

The parties have agreed to conduct international joint research, exchanges and visits of researchers and students, share resources and research results.

“New technologies play a vital role for the maritime safety and industry sustainable development. Joining our efforts, we can get closer the day, when maritime ships are absolutely safe, seafarers and fishers do not risk their lives providing transport services and food for countries around the world”, said Alexander Klimov, rector of the Russian University of Transport, elected as a Lab Chair for the first year following the rotation principle.

Joint Laboratory has planned several activities for 2022, including several international conferences with other universities, researches and technologists to join.

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